End of the year excitement


Madeleine Cargile

Students, Kathryn Moore, Avery Burleson, Jillian Francis, and Maddie Larkin laugh and talk while eating their lunch in the halls.

Landi Rutledge, Buzz News Reporter

With this year coming to an end, students are becoming more and more excited. From 8th graders becoming up-and-coming freshman, to seniors going off to college, things are starting to get real. Although, students are trying to stay focused, they can’t wait to relax on a beach, swim in a pool, or just stay at home. I interviewed a couple of students from each grade level to ask them their opinions on the subject, and to see how their answers differ.

Freshman, Mckenzie Gunn stated, “For the end of the year I would like to focus on my school work and grades, so I can pass freshman year, and prepare myself for a successful sophomore year. I’m also looking forward to having a fun and exciting summer with friends and family.”

Sophomore, Jazmyn Gaines said, “I’m excited to be an up-and-coming Junior and for volleyball season.”

Junior, Cameron Gunn stated, “I’m trying to stay focused so I can prepare myself for Senior year. I’m also excited for summer, because I get to hang out with my family.”

Senior, Daniel Washington remarked, “Me being senior, I’m excited for the new journey I’m about to take, and for what life has to offer, to see college life in a whole different light.”

Most of the students were excited for what the next year has to offer, as am I. Students were also ready to see what Summer 2019 brings.