The Book Review Blog- The Host


Brie Lee, Buzz News Reporter

Hello, people! I’m back, and, as promised, I have read a book written by a very popular author… Stephanie Meyers! For those of you who don’t ever know the author of the books you love, Stephanie Meyers wrote the Twilight series.

   This lovely novel is called The Host, and it takes place on Earth, where an alien species invade, called souls. These souls are very peaceful and do not know the meaning of violence, and they cannot live without a ‘host’, or a species to live inside of. A soul called Wanderer is placed into a 20 year old girl named Melanie, where Wanderer finds that Melanie is still there, inside her head, which is highly unusual for a host to do. Wanderer soon gets tired of Melanie always complaining and railing against her species, so she decides to go to California, where a Healer awaits to take her out of the host’s body and dispose of Melanie properly. On the way, Melanie overwhelms Wanderer with her memories of her little brother and her lover, both of which were humans that she left behind to hide when she got caught. Following Melanie’s memories, Wanderer meanders in the desert and finds a cave, one that contains hiding humans, all of which hate souls. As Wanderer attempts to ‘fit in’ and prove that not all souls are as terrible as humans think they are, she is faced with many dilemmas, from Melanie’s lover Jared, to Wanderer’s lover Ian, and back to the emotions that she feels towards the humans. All of these dilemmas have only two solutions: abandon her family, or be a turncoat towards her species…

   This novel has an intricate plot, and a perfect balance of love triangles that will satisfy both non-romantic readers and romance lovers. The only problem I had with this book was its beginning; it had a prologue that you would only get if you read it after you finished reading the book. That kind of stuff really bothers me. But, all in all, this book deserves nine stars! If you ever have time, please go to the Chelsea High School library and check this book out. Good-bye for now!