Weekly Plans: June 25 – 29

Good afternoon,

Locker form update – it is not my fault – we are having trouble with the Google side of things – no worries – when we have an idea about when it will be corrected we will give notice.

We are planning on starting the parking form on July 9th – students who have provided info will be contacted via email.

Remember to select your book on Google Classroom – April 30th post – prior to registration or one will be selected for you.  Students will need to have their own copy of the book.  Book groups will be created on Google Classroom – students are expected to read the first section by the first week of school – each group will progress during the first semester and time will be provided during school.

If you need paperwork, please call the front office to be sure we are in the office – 205.682.7200

The office will be closed Wednesday, July 4th.

Registration is scheduled for Tuesday, July 17th (8am-1pm), Thursday, July 19th (8am-1pm), and Tuesday, July 24th (2pm-7pm)