Weekly Plans: July 24 – 28

Many thanks to our faculty, PTO, parents and students for a great 2 sessions of registration!!!  Makeup will be from 2-7pm on Tuesday, July 25th

PTO is sponsoring a clean up day this Saturday starting at 8am – service hours available!!!

Remember Freshman Orientation is Wednesday, August 2nd: 11am-1pm

Monday – Check Google Classroom for info on Summer Reading, Algebra I info, AP Biology info, and Spanish II prep

Tuesday – Registration 2-7pm, if you reserved a parking spot we will need a copy of driver’s license and proof of insurance

Wednesday – Happy Birthday Ms Brackner

Thursday – Happy Birthday Coach Baumbaugh

Friday – Deep breath – First day of school is August 8th

Saturday – PTO Clean Up Day starts @ 8am – August 5th if weather is bad