“Suicide Squad” leaves enthusiast less than impressed


Walsh Green, Reporter

Let me just say this, I was really excited for this film when I heard it was coming out all the way back in February.  I waited all year for this, and I was ready. Harley Quinn is my favorite comic book character of all time so I WAS READY. Did I mention I was ready? So what’d I think of it? Well let’s find out.

Let’s start with the story. Taking place after Batman v. Superman, a group of villains is recruited by intelligence operative Amanda Waller.  The group consists of hitman deadshot, former psychiatrist Harley Quinn, pyrokinetic El Diablo, thief Captain Boomerang, mutated crocodile Killer Croc, and specialized assassin Slipknot. They’re led by colonel Rick Flag.

One villain who was supposed to be recruited was Rick’s ex-wife, Dr. June Moone who touched an unknown idol and was possessed by a spirit known as Enchantress. But she decides to wipe out all of mankind for imprisoning her.

So task force X (Aka the suicide squad) is gathered to try and take down Enchantress before she completes her goal.  I thought the movie was actually pretty decent, it wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen this year and there are definitely better movies with the suicide squad, my personal recommendation is probably Assault on Arkham.  But for what it’s worth, I guess it was ok.

One reason it wasn’t that good was the fact that in the introductory scenes some characters are given five minutes of a background, other get less than a minute. I mean these are the characters we’re going to be spending the next two hours with, so shouldn’t we know a little bit more about them?

A common complaint that people had with the movie was that it didn’t have many scenes with the Joker. But I really didn’t care how much time the Joker was in there because, well the movie is about the Suicide Squad, and the Joker’s not in the squad so really I couldn’t care less about whether or not he’s in there.

However, when the Joker was in there I had A BIG problem with him and Harley.  Namely their relationship. See, Harley and Joker had always had a sort of abusive relationship. Harley’s in love with the Joker and always goes back to him no matter how much he may hurt her. And in Movie they didn’t portray that AT ALL. If you want a good portrayal of their relationship then I’d recommend the Batman: The Animated Series episode titled “Mad Love.” Heck I’d say it’s possibly the BEST portrayal of their relationship. But luckily it was just a side thing in the movie.

A small thing I feel that I must mention is that most of the songs that played in the movie weren’t on the soundtrack. Songs such as “Spirit in the Sky” by Greenbaum and “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath were not included on the soundtrack, but like I said, it’s a minor thing. I’m not a big fan of the songs they did choose on the soundtrack, but I did enjoy some of them.

So in conclusion I’d say buy this film on DVD, but don’t go see it in theaters. This film is not for everyone, and if you ask me, there was no need for as much swearing as they did. For what’s it’s worth this is a decent comic book film, but if you’re looking for anything good relating the Suicide Squad I’d recommend the movie Assault on Arkham.  You can pick it up for about five dollars at Walmart. By all means see that movie before you see this.

To wrap up, I give this movie a 77/100.