5 things to know about… playing Pokemon Go in Chelsea


Daniel Bartlett, Reporter


Pokemon Go has been downloaded onto millions of phones across the United States, and has quickly become the most popular app of all time. Living in Chelsea, you notice several Pokestops, Gyms, and other players. So for your catching pleasure, I’d like to present these five things you should know about playing Pokemon Go here in Chelsea.

1. Team Valor dominates. Team Valor, or “The Red Team” dominates Gyms in Chelsea, as well as everywhere else in Alabama. If you haven’t joined a team yet, and you wanna roll with the big boys, choose team Valor.

2. The Chelsea Coffee House is the best Pokestop. In other areas of the United States, there are locations with several Pokestops clumped together. In our small town, we aren’t so lucky. However, there are two Pokestops side by side at Chelsea Coffee House, which makes for a perfect place to hang out and enjoy the game.

3. There are several good places for egg hatching. In Pokemon Go, eggs hatch after you incubate them, then walk a certain distance. If you want to hatch these quickly, just wait until grocery day. When you get to the store, just open the app and put it in your pocket. Now, you’re eggs will hatch as you shop! You can also wait for your phone to vibrate, that means you’re near a Pokemon, and they’re all over Walmart!

4. Know a Pokemon’s worth. Different Pokemon have different rarity levels in different areas. While you’ll find Pidgeys and Rattatas everywhere, you might find it hard to catch a Mr. Mime outside Europe. Keep in mind that around here, Paras and Golden are more common than in other places, but a Sandshrew is for sure a good find. Growlithes have been spotted here too, as well as a few Bellsprouts.

5. Meet some other trainers. You’ll be surprised how many trainers are catching here in Chelsea. Just try to chat it up with some people you normally wouldn’t, and you might make a new friend. And when trading is added to the game, you can start to trade off with those new friends! Most important of all, though, be safe. Yes, chat with other players, but be sensible and don’t do anything with them you normally wouldn’t. And please, for everyone’s sake, don’t catch and drive. Happy catching and always remember, TEAM MYSTIC IS THE BEST!